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Cleaning My Entire Saltwater Aquarium Setup

I took a good chunk of time this last weekend to clean the entire saltwater aquarium setup I have in my studio. It was a big project, since I don’t normally clean everything on the same day. I usually do one or two things at a time, spread out over time, which is a lot […]

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I Just Bought Some More RowaPhos, Didn’t Follow My Own Advice

What’s the one thing that I usually say about RowaPhos, that doesn’t really have anything to do with it’s implementation? Buy larger quantities. I usually buy the 250ml container myself, but that is about 2-3 fills on my phosphate reactor. I should probably buy the 500ml container or larger to make sure that I’m getting […]

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The Barren Night Landscape of My Saltwater Aquarium

I often wake up really early in the morning, usually not of my own control. I don’t know why I wake up so early, but when I do, I usually can’t fall back asleep again, at least without getting up and trying to distract myself for at least an hour or so. Even today, on […]

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Saltwater Aquariums – When Should You Not Set One Up?

I have a few acquaintances that have expressed interest in setting up saltwater aquariums, but to tell you the truth, I’m not sure that this hobby is for everybody.

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Spectacular Live Rock Column In Cube Aquarium

Looking through flickr the other day, I ran across this amazing live rock column, it’s a very creative design. I like this mostly because it looks so top heavy and unstable, yet at the same time it is very established looking. It’s almost a sort of Dr. Seuss approach to putting together live rock and […]

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Time to Clean Out The Canister Filter

I’m not a big fan of cleaning out my canister filter on my saltwater aquarium, it’s a big chore that is hard to carry out sometimes. My struggles are probably mostly due to the fact that I don’t really have a nice sink or counter top area that I can use to tear it all […]

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Incredible Aquarium Stability

I’ve recently hit a stretch where the stability in my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium has been outstanding, and the maintenance routines have become easy and nothing bad really has happened for quite some time.

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Amazing Aquarium Designs

Everybody knows what a standard aquarium looks like. Rectangular with lights on top. There’s some more creative designs out there, however. Check these out: The Fish Highway The Cylindrical Aquarium The Feeding Tank The Telequarium The Octopus Aquarium Aquarium Art Read a lot more information, and view several more photos of each of these amazing […]

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I’m Too Tempted to Continually Tweak My Aquarium

I always want to change things in my aquarium, to keep it fresh. But I don’t think that is the best thing to do.

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Keeping a 75 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium in an Apartment Sucks

I’ve had a 75 gallon aquarium set up in my small 2 bedroom apartment for about 3 years now and it pretty much is a very crappy experience. But I still enjoy it! Here’s what I have to put up with in my tight quarters with a big aquarium.

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