Stocking An Aquarium

The ultimate goal of most aquarium enthusiasts is keep fish in your aquarium. If you will be adding a mix of fish your aquarium, there a few things to consider.

What types of aquarium fish?

Think this through before you start to set up your aquarium. What type of fish do you want? Do your research and find what types of fish that you want to put in your aquarium and what types of fish will live well together.

Investigating into what types of fish and inhabitants you want to have will help you to determine how to set up your aquarium. Different fish and different inhabitants like different types of environments and structures. For example, if you want a type of fish that requires hiding places to feel at home, you’ll want to arrange your aquarium in a way that provides hiding places.

What type of aquarium fish can you handle?

Some types of aquarium fish are harder to take care of than others. You will want to research the behaviors and difficulties that various fish will bring to the table.

If you are a beginner, you will want to more than likely find hardy fish that require minimal maintenance. Leave the more difficult species, no matter how “cool” of a fish it might be, to a later time when you become more experienced with aquarium keeping. You’ll become experienced soon enough!

Don’t overstock your aquarium

Overstocking an aquarium will stress the fish and will cause maintenance and water quality issues. If you find that you have a hard time keeping your aquarium water parameters at safe levels, even with frequent water changes and good filtration, you might have an overstocked tank. The same goes for fish stress. If your fish are stressed, you might have overstocked your tank.