Incredible Aquarium Stability

I’ve recently hit a stretch where the stability in my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium has been outstanding, and the maintenance routines have become easy and nothing bad really has happened for quite some time. This is odd. I used to have to battle with my aquarium a lot more, so I’m not used to this.

All the fish have been quite healthy for quite some time, and I haven’t had to worry about any of them recently. They eat all the time and they all get along. It’s nice for a change. Even the feisty clownfish, even though aggressive sometimes, is minding it’s own business for the most part, not nipping at the other tank mates like it used to. The hippo tang is also handling life in the aquarium quite nicely, eating well and not acting stressed.

“Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke”

I think some of this might have to do with not messing around with my aquarium much lately. I haven’t been trying to add anything new or change anything drastically. I’ve been taking the approach of “don’t fix it if it’s not broken”, and that has been working quite well.

If I do add anything it’s just going to be a couple snails or maybe another cleaner shrimp or two. It definitely won’t be anything major, I don’t want to mess with the stability that I’m experiencing at the moment.

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