Time to Clean Out The Canister Filter

I’m not a big fan of cleaning out my canister filter on my saltwater aquarium, it’s a big chore that is hard to carry out sometimes.

My struggles are probably mostly due to the fact that I don’t really have a nice sink or counter top area that I can use to tear it all apart and clean it efficiently and quickly. This is kind of a pain during my aquarium maintenance routine.

I do have a pretty good system for tearing the filter off of the aquarium quickly, the pumps are easy to stop and the tubing for the intake and output are easy to turn off and disconnect from the filter. This makes it easy to quickly stop and disconnect the canister filter. It’s the tearing it apart and cleaning it that can take time, specifically the cleaning.

Usually I have to clear off the counter top and the sinks in the kitchen first, only then am I able to continue. I need to have everything cleared off and clean before I can disassemble, rinse, clean and dry all the pieces from the canister filter.

Once I have all the filter parts clean, putting it all together and hooking it back up to the aquarium is a snap.

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