Choosing the Proper Aquarium Size

When making the final decision on setting up an aquarium, there are a few things to consider. What size of aquarium do you want? What size aquarium can your home or intended aquarium space handle? What size of aquarium can you afford? What type of fish do you want and how much money do you want to be spending to stock your tank?

These are all important questions, and the answers that you provide to these questions will help you determine what what type of aquarium that you should actually set up.

Aquarium Portability

From a moving and transport standpoint, if you move often you may want to go with a 20-35 gallon aquarium, or possibly even less than that. You may need to move often for various reasons such as apartment hopping during college years, needing to move for career reasons, or maybe you just can’t stay in one place for long out of personal preference!

35 gallon aquariums and larger tend to get harder to move and transport, especially when you consider all the hardware and fish that you have to move with a larger aquarium setup. Also, you may just not have room for a large aquarium in your living space.

Your Aquarium Budget

From a cash standpoint, the larger the aquarium you buy, the more money you’ll probably end up spending to stock the aquarium with fish and maintain your aquarium. You’ll need to buy more powerful filtration, larger lighting fixtures, and spend more money on fish food. Take all of those things into consideration.

A Strong Foundation for Your Aquarium

You should never buy a larger aquarium than your living quarters can physically support. In some cases it might be flat out stupid to try to put a large aquarium on a weak second floor level of a house. This might seem obvious, but it should not be overlooked.

A proper stand is also required for any aquarium and should be figured into your budget. Once again, larger aquariums will probabably require more expensive stands or support. Stands will come in a variety of heights with a variety of storage features and access areas. Take the time to look at a few different models and make sure you get a stand that will be a good fit for your room, power outlet arrangement, and height preference.

Be Realistic

There is no need to be over-ambitious with your aquarium adventures. Set up a realistic aquarium for your level of dedication and skill and upgrade as you grow as an aquarist.