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Spectacular Live Rock Column In Cube Aquarium

Looking through flickr the other day, I ran across this amazing live rock column, it’s a very creative design. I like this mostly because it looks so top heavy and unstable, yet at the same time it is very established looking. It’s almost a sort of Dr. Seuss approach to putting together live rock and […]

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Amazing Aquarium Designs

Everybody knows what a standard aquarium looks like. Rectangular with lights on top. There’s some more creative designs out there, however. Check these out: The Fish Highway The Cylindrical Aquarium The Feeding Tank The Telequarium The Octopus Aquarium Aquarium Art Read a lot more information, and view several more photos of each of these amazing […]

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How to build a 180 gallon reef aquarium the right way

I’m always on the lookout for impressive aquariums. It’s amazing how many killer aquariums are hidden away in people’s homes, hidden from the public! I’m sure many of those aquarium owners would like to show off their builds. That’s where I come in. This aquarium setup is just so impressive that I can’t hardly look […]

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David’s Reef Aquarium (extended version)

Haha, this is an extended version. Dramatic. Either way, this is a really sweet reef aquarium. This is a must see video in my opinion.

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Whale Sharks at the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is a very impressive public aquarium located in Atlanta. The aquarium contains more than 100,000 fish and sea creatures. The Georgia Aquarium is also the only aquarium outside of Asia that contains whale sharks. Simply put, they are amazing. There were originally 4 whale sharks when the aquarium opened in 2005. Since […]

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A Car Converted Into an Aquarium

Not much more to say about this one. It’s a car with fish and water inside of it. The dark effect is pretty creepy, it almost looks like the car is at the bottom of a lake or something, but it’s not.

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The Aquarium Bathroom – From Japan

How about this aquarium for bathroom ambience? It’s an underwater bathroom! Well… kinda. This particular aquarium bathroom bathroom that is located in a cafe in Japan.

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Beautiful 400 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

It’s hard to not gawk at saltwater aquariums as nice as this. This type of aquarium is something that is inspiring to a lot of aquarium enthusiasts. Unfortunately the video is disabled for embedding so I must link to it with a text link! It appears as thought the fish like their large space […]

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One of the more impressive saltwater aquariums I’ve seen

I recently ran across a forum thread in which the person who started the forum was documenting his construction of a 600 gallon saltwater aquarium. My reaction is pretty much: WOW. Click here to check it out. The documentation is quite impressive, starting with building the tank all the way to loading it up with […]

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