Clearing up a Green Algae Bloom in my 75 Gallon Saltwater Tank

I’ve had pretty good results with my aquarium in the last few years, pretty much getting the aquatic balance on auto-pilot and not having too many maintenance issues. It’s nice to get to that point after years of struggle.

However, recently I had a green algae bloom. I got sort of lazy and didn’t do a water change for a while, and neglected my canister filter. Whoops. Two things that are pretty easy to do, and I didn’t even need to do them very often to keep my aquarium in great shape. Oh well, things happen. I’ll blame it on some life circumstances that I was going through.

Either way, I have to deal with this algae now. I know I can get rid of it, and I will. I just need to stick to my guns and be a little bit more aggressive with the water care for a while.

I already have a couple before and after, a few weeks apart.

Before I attacked back, that stuff is even getting wavy, bad news, but my Goby liked the extra snacks:

Green Algae Bloom 1

Green Algae Bloom 2

A few weeks later, after a single 20% water change and canister filter cleaning:

Less Green Algae Bloom 1

Less Green Algae Bloom 2

I still have little ways to go to get back to where I was before, but it’s already clearing up quite a bit.

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