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Lifting Weights Near Fish Tank = Bad Idea

Yep, this is a good example of why to place your aquarium in a strategically safe area.

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Video: The snails come out of hiding after feeding

These guys like to hide until I feed the fish. Then they come out and roam all over the place in the aquarium.

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Video: Young Green Mantis Shrimp Eating

If you watch this, you’ll understand why you want to keep your hands out of the tank if you have a mantis shrimp, listen for the knocking sounds while it attacks and eats!

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Video: Time Lapse of an Aquarium Snail

What makes this video so interesting, or maybe not, is the fact that the snail is still moving really slow, even in time lapse.

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Video: Emerald Crab vs Six Line Wrasse

If you are leary about adding an emerald crab to your tank due to safety of smaller fish, this video might give you a good idea why you are not too far off base.

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Video: Cleaner Shrimp At Work

Fish are usually jumpy critters, but when they want to be cleaned up by a cleaner shrimp, they will sit tight and let the shrimp do it’s work.

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Video: Arrow Crab Eating a Bristle Worm

Some creatures eat bristle worms, just in case you need to get rid of them for any reason. I used to have some small bristle worms in my aquarium, like shown in this video.

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Bristle Worms, What Are They All About?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on with the bristle worms in your aquarium, you might want to check out a recent article we published at What To Do With Bristle Worms.

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Mantis Shrimp Are Wicked Creatures

I’m not sure how I made it this long without knowing about Mantis Shrimp. Holy crap. These things are crazy. I’ve recently begun to browse a few videos on YouTube that showcase some Mantis Shrimp and I’m kinda creeped out.

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Video: Emerald Crab Eating Damsel Fish

Watch a Emerald Crab eat a damsel fish. This is quality YouTube material if I’ve ever seen it.

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