The Barren Night Landscape of My Saltwater Aquarium

I often wake up really early in the morning, usually not of my own control.

I don’t know why I wake up so early, but when I do, I usually can’t fall back asleep again, at least without getting up and trying to distract myself for at least an hour or so.

Even today, on a Sunday, I’m sitting here at 6:30 am watching my tank.

The only problem is, is that there really isn’t anything going on inside the aquarium right now. The only thing that is visible when the moonlights are on is usually some of the nocturnal snails that come out and roam around in the dark.

Sometimes I can catch a glimpse of the Clownfish treading water underneath their little safe spot in the rock formations. They are always in the same spots at night.

And sometimes, I can also coax some of the other fish to come out of their night time hiding spots in a confused state, wondering why I’ve got the lights in the studio on.

Sorry fish, it’s just me, sitting here with my bright computer screen, making you think that the sun is coming back up.

I suppose I should mention that the Cardinals don’t really hide at night like the other fish do. The other fish all seem to have their hiding place in the live rocks that they disappear into at night. But the Cardinals still just swim around as usual. It is tough to see them, though, as they don’t have very vibrant colors compared to the other fish.

Trying to see a Cardinal at night in my aquarium is like trying to see a Walleye on a dark lake bed in Minnesota. It’s just tough.

The Cardinals also tend to float toward the back of the rocks at night, they really don’t come out to the front of the aquarium. But they don’t hide like the rest.

I have considered at one point getting some stronger moonlights, I think that would make night time observation of the aquarium a little more entertaining. Right now I think the moonlights in my aquarium border on the line of “too dark”.

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