Glass Cleaning

Cleaning the inside of an aquarium should be a pretty easy process. There are many types of cleaning wands and pads available on the market to aid in accomplishing this task.

Magnetic Glass Cleaners

Magnetic glass cleaners are popular in that it is easy to clean all parts of a pane of glass with minimal hassle. This of how many times you’ve used a long stick with a pad that was kinda awkward to maneuver around the top of your tank and inside the tank.

There is a magnetic pad inside the tank on one side of the glass, and another on the outside of the glass. You just have to drag the magnetic pad around on the outside of the glass, and that’s about it.

Cleaning the Outside of the Aquarium

Cleaning the outside of the aquarium should be pretty self explanatory. Use just water to wipe down salt creep and any other buildups.

Be careful when cleaning the outside glass. Remember that ammonia is bad for fish. Most glass cleaners contain ammonia. Try to use something that is not ammonia based to clean the outside glass. If you must use ammonia base products, be very careful.