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Review: Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite

Chemi-Pure Elite is the perfect solution for those that want to have impeccable aquarium water quality. Using this stuff makes it easy to keep your aquarium water quality in check.

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Video: Drilling an Aquarium to Add a Skimmer Box

A great video example of drilling an aquarium to add a skimmer box. The end result looks like it will work well.

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Videos: Reef Tank DIY Sump System

Want to learn how to set up a DIY reef rank sump system? Check out these two videos, parts one and two.

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Eheim 2213 Classic Plus: An Affordable Canister Filter

The Eheim 2213 quite affordable in the general scope of canister filters, and is probably a common choice for beginner aquarium owners as well as experienced aquarium owners that need quality equipment on a tight budget. This canister filter will work well for both saltwater and freshwater aquarium applications.

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Aquarium Lighting Review: Current USA Nova Extreme Pro T5

I added one of these to my 75 gallon aquarium setup a little over a year ago, and it was such a great upgrade over my original aquarium lights that I just couldn’t possibly imagine going back to my original setup.

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Mr. Aqua Fish Tanks – Frameless Glass for a Unique Look

Mr. Aqua frameless glass aquariums are a great choice for aquarium owners that want a unique and contemporary look for their aquarium.

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How To Build A Light Bulb Aquarium

Here’s a great idea for those who are looking to recycle and reuse. And it’s a nice conversation piece as well.

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Aquarium Algae Control: How I Used RowaPhos to Control Phosphates

I’ve been writing a lot lately about algae control in saltwater aquariums. Why? I used to have lots of algae problems in my aquarium, and with some patience and lots of research and testing I was able to get rid of most of the nuisance algae in my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium.

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The AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer – My Ace Opinion

This is a pretty popular protein skimmer, the AquaC Remora. It’s easy to find. It’s reliable and it’s priced well. Those are the obvious reasons why it’s so popular. I’ve had one running on my aquarium for at least 3 years now, what’s my opinion?

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Koralia Water Circulation Pumps

I have lately implemented some extra circulation into my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium. To do so, I added 2 Koralia Water Circulation Pumps.

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