Lighting Maintenance

Aquarium lighting, for most aquarists, consists of fluorescent bulbs contained within hood units. These fluorescent aquarium lighting setups will prove to be sufficient for a large number of fish only aquariums.

Fluorescent Bulb Life Span

Fluorescent aquarium bulbs should be replaced every six to twelve months, depending on the amount of time you run your aquarium lamps.

The fluorescent bulb does wear out over time, even if it doesn’t look like it has. Old bulbs will not provide your aquarium with the type of light that it needs to thrive.

Fluorescent Bulb Expenses

The types of fluorescent bulbs that most aquariums will need are not very expensive. This is nice. Considering the low cost of these lights, the bulbs in your aquarium should be replaced every 6 months.

Cleaning Your Aquarium Lighting

Keeping your aquarium lights free of salt buildup and dust is recommended. Salt creep may occur due to splashing of aquarium water or other circumstances.

Wiping down the lights will free them of this build up and and ensure that your tank is receiving the best lighting possible.

Cleaning Your Aquarium Hood

In addition to cleaning your fluorescent aquarium lights and hood, it is also recommended to clean the transparent acrylic or glass panels between the lights and the surface of the water. This will allow the maximum amount of lighting to pass through the hood unit into the water.