Maintenance Schedule

Keeping on top of common aquarium maintenance tasks will pay you back in terms of excellent tank health. Your fish will be happy and you will be happy.

Using aquarium software for scheduling

Software is available to aid in aquarium maintenance. Aquarium software, depending on what software you decide to use, will typically allow you to do the following:

  • Set reminders of regular or important maintenance tasks.
  • Log various aquarium water testing parameters
  • Log aquarium observations and notes
  • Manage multiple tanks or aquariums
  • Set schedules for one aquarium or multiple aquariums
  • Track aquarium expenses
  • Log aquarium inhabitant health

Some software will cost money, some software is free.

The main benefits with software in terms of maintenance scheduling is that is will have a system in place to remind you to do certain tasks. The software might send an email, or it might pop a reminder onto the screen when something needs to be done. This is handy when you need to make sure not to forget certain maintenance tasks.

Using any calendar application

Using something such as Google Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning, Outlook, Time & Chaos or any other type of calendar application is an easy way to track and schedule aquarium maintenance tasks.

You’ll be able to set recurring tasks and reminders with all these applications.

Using a Notebook

You don’t need to use a computer to track and log information about your aquarium. Using a notebook works just fine. Plus, a notebook and pen is a lot cheaper than a computer.

Using a Wall Calendar

Why not just use a wall calendar?

This is as good as anything else for reminders. At the beginning of each month, just go through the months days and mark down what maintenance you need to do and when. The calendar could be hanging on the wall near the aquarium or somewhere else nearby and would always be easy to access.