Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Saltwater aquarium maintenance. Fun stuff. It’s mandatory.

Your Aquarium Maintenance Schedule

The best bet for any aquarist is to create some sort of maintenance schedule. You may be able to just remember to do things as they come up, but the benefits of putting your common maintenance on some sort of schedule to follow are numerous.

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Aquarium Water Changes

Water must be changed periodically to ensure that wastes and chemicals don’t build up in the water over time. Consistency in water changes is also required to ensure that fish aren’t stressed due to drastic changes in water quality.

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Aquarium Water Testing

Testing the water in an aquarium is a mandatory task. Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites, pH should be tested. Other aquarium water parameters can also be checked on a regular basis depending on your needs and situation.

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Filter Media Replacement & Cleaning

Got filters? You’ll need to clean them and change the filter media on a regular basis. Not cleaning filters and changing filter media can lead to poor water quality and other bad aquarium situations.

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Aquarium Glass Cleaning

Algae may form on your glass on the inside of the tank. The outside surface of the glass may also get dirty from water splattering and dripping or other environmental circumstances. Cleaning both sides of the glass will make your tank clear and attractive.

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Salt Creep

Salt creep is a reality. Salt creep can damage cables, carpet, wood and all kinds of other stuff that might be near your tank. Salt creep can be dealt with easily, however.

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Aquarium Gravel Vacuuming

Cleaning your gravel is very important. It is a good idea to keep wastes and contaminants from building up in the gravel. Gravel vacuuming is a great way to clean the wastes from the gravel in your aquarium.

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Aquarium Lighting Maintenance

With time, the bulbs used to illuminate an aquarium will need to be replaced. Aquarium bulbs lose the ability to cast the appropriate light into an aquarium as they age. Lighting may also need to be cleaned of salt depending on the situation.

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