Aquarium Software

Maintaining a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium is almost a part time job. Not a part time job in the sense that you’ll need to put in a lot of time, but more in the sense that you’ll need to be consistent with maintenance and upkeep.

Maintenance shouldn’t take up much of your time. Software can help you keep on track with regular maintenance and keep you at your most efficient pace while performing upkeep on your aquarium.


For Windows. It’s free. Aqualog gives you the ability to monitor and log your aquarium. Schedule and log any number of maintenance tasks and aquarium data. This aquarium maintenance and monitoring software is very straightforward and easy to use.

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ReefCon LT

For Windows. It’s free. ReefCon LT is a full featured application that allows you to monitor and log your aquarium. Keep track of maintenance, water test results, expenses, livestock and more. This application may be a little overblown for average aquarium enthusiasts, but it’s deep and feature packed.

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