Proper Aquarium Location

Selecting a location for your aquarium is the most important first step when putting together an aquarium.

You’ll want to choose the location for your aquarium wisely wisely. It’s very difficult and time consuming to move a tank once you have it set up. This is especially true for larger aquariums.

Moving that 10 gallon tank around might not seem difficult. Imagine moving 75 gallons or more worth of fish aquarium water, hardware and fish. Moving your fish tank is not something you want to do very often, or at all if necessary.There a few important points when choosing an aquarium location.

Power Outlets

Make sure there are outlets available for power. Take time to make sure you’ll be able to access the power outlets easily through your cabinet or fish tank stand.

The Weight of Your Aquarium

Make sure the floor can support the weight of the tank. This applies to large tanks. 75 gallons of water weighs about 624 pounds. Add the weight of the tank and equipment to that as well. You’d probably want to put that up against a load bearing wall.

Space Behind Your Aquarium

Make sure you leave enough room behind the tank for hang-on filters and other hardware if you need it. Take into consideration that you may need to add fish tank hardware in the future that might require more space than you currently need for your current fish tank hardware setup.

Direct Sunlight

Try to keep the tank out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause excessive algae growth in the tank and can heat up the water in certain instances.

Enjoyable Location

And most importantly, put your fish aquarium in a place where you can enjoy it! If you place your tank in a place where you will sit and enjoy the aquarium environement you created, you will be more inclined to keep it well maintained.