I Just Bought Some More RowaPhos, Didn’t Follow My Own Advice

What’s the one thing that I usually say about RowaPhos, that doesn’t really have anything to do with it’s implementation?

Buy larger quantities.

I usually buy the 250ml container myself, but that is about 2-3 fills on my phosphate reactor. I should probably buy the 500ml container or larger to make sure that I’m getting my money’s worth.

However, whenever it does come down to buying some of the stuff, I always get cheap and I only decide to spend the money on a smaller container. And then a few months later I’m already buying more.

I don’t think that this is entirely bad though, because a person does want to make sure they will be able to use the RowaPhos that they do buy before it dries out.

You see, RowaPhos is actually damp in the container when you open it. It looks like wet coffee grounds, and it’s recommended to keep it from drying out to keep it effective. It is entirely possible that if you aren’t able to use a larger container of RowaPhos within a year that it might not be worth getting the larger containers, because it might dry out before you use it all.

So, I should probably clarify my advice. If you use a lot of RowaPhos, make sure to get the larger containers, as you can save a few bucks and you won’t need to re-buy more of it in a few months.

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