Battling Bristle Worms

I’ve recently found Bristle Worms in my 75 gallon aquarium. This is not good. I assume an aquarium is likely to have bristle worms at some point, but it’s also not something I want to see in mine. I have no need for them that I know of. They must be destroyed.

Setting a Bristle Worm Trap

I’ve set up a bristle worm trap. I actually just bought a cheap plastic trap from a store. It’s working good. I’m going to put the bristle worm trap in different areas of the tank each night for several consecutive nights. This will give me the ability to see where I have the most Bristle Worms. If I happen to get them all right away, that’s even better.

I’ve already had the bristle worm trap in action for two nights in a row the first night I put the trap on the left end of the tank. I netted about 9 bristle worms that were about 1/2 inch to 1 inch long each. I put the trap on the right side of the tank the next night. I netted 5 bristle worms about the same size as the night before.

Tonight’s Trapping Plans

Tonight I’m going to put the bristle worm trap back into the live rock more. I’m hoping to get more bristle worms near the areas with more live rock. I actually hope that I have gotten them all already, but that is probably not the case.

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