Possibly removing live rock from the tank

I’ve been battling some red algae issue in my 75 gallon salt water tank recently. I’m thinking of removing a large portion of the live rock from my tank.

The main reasoning for doing this is that I figure the live rock is the one part of the tank that I have a hard time cleaning or keeping clean. I can’t seem to get any of my bottom feeding critters to do much with the red algae. The bottom feeders eat everything in the tank but the one thing that I do not want to have in the tank.

Pulling the live rock from the tank would allow me to completely clean the substrate over the course of a couple weeks. I’d clean the substrate slowly. I might just pull maybe 80% of my live rock only. That way I can keep a few pieces in the the tank for fish to hide around. It’d also be easier to maintain.

I just don’t want to stress the fish too much.

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