19 Bristle Worms and Counting

I’ve been trapping Bristle Worms for 3 nights in a row now. Each night I put the trap into a different sector of the fish tank.

Whenever I first drop the trap into the tank for the night the Nassarius Snails swarm the trap. But they can’t get in. After about an hour the Snails give up. The next morning I remove the trapped Bristle Worms from the tank and clean out the trap.

Ongoing Trappings

I’m thinking I’ll probably keep pulling 5-10 bristle worms from the tank each night. I’ve been trapping Bristle Worms in each part of the tank so far that I have set up the trap.

I still have lots of aquarium real estate that hasn’t been part of the trapping festivities yet. I will catch more Bristle Worms.

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