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Green Algae Bloom 1

Clearing up a Green Algae Bloom in my 75 Gallon Saltwater Tank

I’ve had pretty good results with my aquarium in the last few years, pretty much getting the aquatic balance on auto-pilot and not having too many maintenance issues. It’s nice to get to that point after years of struggle. However, recently I had a green algae bloom. I got sort of lazy and didn’t do […]

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Saltwater Aquariums – When Should You Not Set One Up?

I have a few acquaintances that have expressed interest in setting up saltwater aquariums, but to tell you the truth, I’m not sure that this hobby is for everybody.

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Picasso Triggerfish, In Yo Face!

A neat close up photo of a Picasso Triggerfish. This fish can grow up to nine or ten inches in length, and would probably be best suited for aquariums larger than 75 gallons.

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Incredible Aquarium Stability

I’ve recently hit a stretch where the stability in my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium has been outstanding, and the maintenance routines have become easy and nothing bad really has happened for quite some time.

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Keeping a 75 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium in an Apartment Sucks

I’ve had a 75 gallon aquarium set up in my small 2 bedroom apartment for about 3 years now and it pretty much is a very crappy experience. But I still enjoy it! Here’s what I have to put up with in my tight quarters with a big aquarium.

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Just Ordered a Media Reactor for Phosphate Sponge

I finally got tired of only being able to put small amounts of phosphate sponge into my canister filter. Not only is the filter not able to hold as much phosphate sponge as I want to have in there, it is also a pain to disconnect and change on a frequent basis. So… I decided […]

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Battling Bristle Worms

I’ve recently found Bristle Worms in my 75 gallon aquarium. This is not good. I assume an aquarium is likely to have bristle worms at some point, but it’s also not something I want to see in mine. I have no need for them that I know of. They must be destroyed. Setting a Bristle […]

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The Saltwater Aquarium Acquisition Story

Not too long of a story. The 75 gallon saltwater aquarium that I have right now was originally owned by a business. I was a part owner of the business. When I left the business part of the buyout agreement was that I got to keep the aquarium. Sweet deal. I continued to operate out […]

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