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Lifting Weights Near Fish Tank = Bad Idea

Yep, this is a good example of why to place your aquarium in a strategically safe area.

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Mr. Aqua Fish Tanks – Frameless Glass for a Unique Look

Mr. Aqua frameless glass aquariums are a great choice for aquarium owners that want a unique and contemporary look for their aquarium.

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Amazing Aquarium Designs

Everybody knows what a standard aquarium looks like. Rectangular with lights on top. There’s some more creative designs out there, however. Check these out: The Fish Highway The Cylindrical Aquarium The Feeding Tank The Telequarium The Octopus Aquarium Aquarium Art Read a lot more information, and view several more photos of each of these amazing […]

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Take a shower while lying on a fish tank

Showering standing up is OK, I guess, if you’re poor. But if you’re rich, you should be bathing in a way that reflects how much money you have. Such as with the HydroGlass.

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Possibly removing live rock from the tank

I’ve been battling some red algae issue in my 75 gallon salt water tank recently. I’m thinking of removing a large portion of the live rock from my tank. The main reasoning for doing this is that I figure the live rock is the one part of the tank that I have a hard time […]

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