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Spectacular Live Rock Column In Cube Aquarium

Looking through flickr the other day, I ran across this amazing live rock column, it’s a very creative design. I like this mostly because it looks so top heavy and unstable, yet at the same time it is very established looking. It’s almost a sort of Dr. Seuss approach to putting together live rock and […]

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How To Easily Cure Live Rock in a New Saltwater Aquarium

There is an easy way to cure the live rock during the aquarium setup process, without having to use another separate aquarium or curing tank.

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I Yearn For Bumblebee Snails & Nassarius Snails

Well, I don’t yearn for them. But I need some. I’m going to head out to the local fish store today to get some more snails for my 75 gallon aquarium. Why?

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My New Cleaner Shrimp: Where’s He Hiding?

Actually, I’m hoping that he is hiding somewhere. I added a cleaner shrimp to my aquarium last week and I’m not seeing him anywhere at the moment. He might be hiding or maybe he’s gone?

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$1M Worth of Live Rock Stolen

Wow. This is pretty amazing. Tons and tons of live rock stolen. Maybe it was the aliens and their spaceships hauling this stuff away. Hopefully the bandits are caught.

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Possibly removing live rock from the tank

I’ve been battling some red algae issue in my 75 gallon salt water tank recently. I’m thinking of removing a large portion of the live rock from my tank. The main reasoning for doing this is that I figure the live rock is the one part of the tank that I have a hard time […]

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