I Yearn For Bumblebee Snails & Nassarius Snails

Well, I don’t yearn for them. But I need some. I’m going to head out to the local fish store today to get some more snails for my 75 gallon aquarium. Why?

I feel that I need to get even more of a cleanup crew going than I already have. With the recent addition of another voraciously hungry Hippo Tang, I’m ending up with more junk in the water.

I need some snails that will clean up that new-found junk.

Nassarius Snails are cool because they dig down into the substrate and hide out. They appear to eat stuff off the bottom of the aquarium. I notice they come out really quickly when extra food hits the substrate.

I also see them crawling around the tank at night when the moonlights are in full effect.

The Bumblebee Snails are also desirable to me mainly because of their size and tendencies. I have a lot of small crevices in my live rock structure that some of the bigger Turbo Snails or Astrea Snails can’t get into. I’m going to unleash a batch of the small Bumblebee Snails to scour all those hard to reach places.

Good times!

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the owner and caretaker of a 75 gallon aquarium in his home studio. Good times.

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