Just Ordered a Media Reactor for Phosphate Sponge

I finally got tired of only being able to put small amounts of phosphate sponge into my canister filter. Not only is the filter not able to hold as much phosphate sponge as I want to have in there, it is also a pain to disconnect and change on a frequent basis.

So… I decided to order a phosphate reactor. The particular device that I went for was this one, a ViaAqua Poly-Reactor. Yeah. Got it from MarineDepot.com, they seem to be pretty decent.

Plug and play

I wanted this particular unit because it has it’s own pumps and seems to be plug and play. I didn’t want to have to do any plumbing work on my 75 gallon aquarium. Also, I like the idea of being able to remove the unit from the tank easily (if it does it’s job fast and doesn’t need to be hooked up on the tank at all times).

Let it run all the time?

Who knows though, I’ll probably just let it run all the time to keep phosphate levels at a minimum. I guess I can run other types of media in there too, so I can focus on putting the carbon and phosphate sponge in the reactor when needed and then I don’t have to dink around with the canister filter as much, which is running biological filter media.

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