My New Cleaner Shrimp: Where’s He Hiding?

Actually, I’m hoping that he is hiding somewhere. I added a cleaner shrimp to my aquarium last week and I’m not seeing him anywhere at the moment. He might be hiding or maybe he’s gone?

The first time I ever bought a cleaner shrimp, he hid out for a couple days and then got killed by one my Clownfish. That wasn’t very cool. I have no idea why the Clownfish was so agressive towards the cleaner shrimp, but it just was.

Now I’m seeing that my second cleaner shrimp is nowhere to be found. I haven’t seen him for several days. Initially I thought he was probably hiding in the live rock somewhere, but I don’t even see random antennae sticking out from behind rock or anything either. Did the new cleaner shrimp get killed as well?

The particular Clownfish that killed the cleaner shrimp is no longer with us. I can’t see any other fish in my aquarium being particularly aggressive towards a cleaner shrimp.

If I do have a particular problem with some of my fish being aggressive towards a cleaner shrimp, I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do to fix the situation. Right now I can’t identify which ones are aggressive even.

It could have also been a water quality issue that knocked out the shrimp, but I doubt it. The quality of water is great, and the other fish are looking healthy, so I’m not sure what the case is here.

Time to hire Columbo, is he still around?

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