Eheim 2213 Classic Plus: An Affordable Canister Filter

Eheim Classic External Canister Filter 2213

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The Eheim 2213 Classic Plus Canister Filter is a great choice for aquarium owners with up to 55 gallon aquariums.


The Eheim 2213 quite affordable in the general scope of canister filters, and is probably a common choice for beginner aquarium owners as well as experienced aquarium owners that need quality equipment on a tight budget. This canister filter will work well for both saltwater and freshwater aquarium applications.

The Eheim 2213 can filter water at the rate of 116 gallons per hour when it’s running at it’s maximum capacity.

The operation of this unit is also pretty quiet, you might not even hear it running at all if it’s kept within an enclosure underneath your aquarium. I use a more powerful Eheim canister filter on my 75 gallon aquarium and it’s very quiet as well, it must be a trait of this brand.

Hold lots of media

One of the major plusses of the Eheim 2213, which is actually a trait shared by many Eheim canister filters, is that the media chamber is quite open and large and can hold a lot of media. This gives aquarium owners much flexibility in what types of media they can combine within this canister filter. This filter really is flexible enough to hold both phosphate control media and activated carbon at the same time, just as an example.

In fact, using a canister filter that can hold as much media as this model will often eliminate the need to get extra reactor chamber units for your aquarium.

Additional features

As already mentioned, this filter comes with a large media chamber. In addition to this there is another awesome feature to be found on this unit.

The Eheim 2213 uses safety hose connections to allow you to turn off water flow to the unit, and contain it, when you need to remove the filter from your aquarium for maintenance.

Speaking as an owner of another Eheim filter, this feature is priceless if you regularly maintain your filter, it will save you a lot of trouble.

Coarse Filter Pads
Eheim Coarse Filter Pad for 2213 Canister Filter (2 pcs)
Fine Filter Pads
Eheim Fine Filter Pad for 2213 Canister Filter (3 pcs)
Carbon Filter Pads
Eheim Carbon Filter Pad for 2213 Canister Filter (3 pcs)


Overall, if you are looking for well-priced canister filter for your aquarium, it’s hard to go wrong with this unit. It’s priced for beginners but offers quality and longevity as well.

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