Review: Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite

buy Boyd Chemi Pure Elite 11.74oz

buy Boyd Chemi Pure Elite 11.74oz

Chemi-Pure Elite is the perfect solution for those that want to have impeccable aquarium water quality. Using this stuff makes it easy to keep your aquarium water quality in check.

Since I’ve started using Chemi-Pure Elite, I have not had a single fish die in my aquarium. And I’ve been using it for over a year. To me, this is quite amazing.

What is Chemi-Pure Elite?

Chemi-Pure Elite is billed as a “chemical absorption filter and ion generator and exchange unit”.

That basically means that this stuff will absorb a lot of the bad chemicals in your aquarium water, and it will also keep the pH balanced in your aquarium. Good stuff.

Chemi-Pure only needs to be replaced every few months, so it’s not very expensive to use. For me, that equals about $100 per year since I buy it from my local fish store and I need to replace it twice a year. The local fish store is a little more expensive to buy from, but I like to support them when possible. It’s also readily available online and easy to order from Marine Depot, for example.

Can’t Live Without It

Most users of Chemi-Pure will probably tell you that they would never go back to not using it, and I think that says a lot. I am one of those users, I would never go without it at this point. I consider it my “secret weapon” for high quality aquarium water.

When I review products, I rarely will say that something is a “can’t live without it” type of product, but this is about as close as it gets.

More Details

There’s a few things that make this product useful for many types of aquarists, both freshwater and saltwater:

  • Won’t remove trace elements from the water
  • Will remove phosphates, as it contains ferric oxide
  • Will keep your pH balanced
  • Can be placed anywhere in your filtration water flow, just as long as it gets good water flow going through it’s pouch
  • Will help remove aquarium odors
  • Increases fish life
  • Can be used with real sea water or artificial saltwater
  • Can be used in systems that have fish, invertebrates, coral or any combination

As you can see, there are some pretty good benefits to using this stuff. It might almost seem magical and too good to be true, but it’s just a good product that works well.

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How do you use it?

It’s easy to implement Chemi-Pure Elite into your aquarium. You simply open the container that the media is packaged in, remove the cloth pouch that contains the media, rinse it and stick it in your aquarium filtration system somewhere that it will be exposed to good water flow.

Under no circumstances should you cut the pouch open, always leave Chemi-Pure in the cloth pouch.

I like to place the pouches in my Eheim canister filter. I use two pouches at a time, since I have a 75 gallon saltwater aquarium. I put each pouch in it’s own tray within the canister filter and put a filter pad on top of each pouch to keep them flattened out. This helps to make sure that pretty much all the water running through my canister filter is being run through the Chemi-Pure pouches.

Other people like to simple place the pouches in a sump or somewhere where water flows directly through it. Just don’t put it directly in the aquarium, that won’t do any good. Make sure it’s in your filtration flow somewhere to get the best filtration.

What Did Chemi-Pure Elite Do For Me?

There were a couple very important things that I noticed after I added Chemi-Pure Elite to my aquarium filtration system.

The most noticeable thing was the complete drop off of nuisance algae. I also use RowaPhos, which does a pretty good job of pulling phosphates out of the water and helped me get rid of nuisance algae for the most part. Adding the Chemi-Pure in addition to using Rowaphos completely knocked out the nuisance algae that I had been fighting.

Another thing that I already have mentioned is that I have not had any fish die since using this. I am not making this up, this is completely true. In addition to that, my fish have been very healthy. They don’t act stressed after water changes, they all eat well and they all visibly look beefy and healthy. I don’t even hardly lose snails anymore.

Just Try It Yourself

I think that anybody that is on the fence about using Chemi-Pure should just try it. It’s probably the one filter media that will have the greatest impact on your aquarium health. Check all your water parameters before you add this to your aquarium. Then check them all again a week after adding Chemi-Pure. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

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