Koralia Water Circulation Pumps

I recently wrote a post about the important of good water circulation in your aquarium. I have lately implemented some extra circulation into my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium. To do so, I added 2 Koralia Water Circulation Pumps.

I mounted each one in the upper corners of the back wall of the aquarium. My main water return is in the middle of the aquarium, so adding these water circulation pumps to the corners of the aquarium have balanced out the overall water flow.

I have noticed that the fish are more active in the tank. They seem to enjoy swimming in the water currents. The Blue Tang seems to enjoy swimming from end to end in the aquarium much more as well!

It only took me about 15 minutes to unpack, read the instructions and get these things installed in my aquarium once I received them. I put them on the same power strip as the aquarium filtration. This allows me to fully shut down all water circulation during short periods of maintenance if needed.

I would recommend these water cirulation pumps to keep the currents spread equally through your aquarium. They are cheap and effective. And easy to get running.

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