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The Yellow Tang – A Good Beginner Fish

Yellow Tangs are one of the most popular types of saltwater aquarium fish. There are some very specific reasons that they are so popular.

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The Benefits of Hermit Crabs in a Saltwater Aquarium

Hermit crabs, in a saltwater aquarium, can be very beneficial. As your saltwater aquarium evolves, you will eventually need to employ some sort of “cleanup crew”. What is a cleanup crew? This term usually refers to the creatures that will inhabit the substrate and live rock in your aquarium and eat all kinds of stuff […]

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Bristle Worm Hunt

The last time I posted about Bristle Worms on this site, I was convinced that I would be catching hundreds of them [slight exaggeration]. The last times I set the trap, I set it up on the live rocks. The bristle worm trap proved ineffective on the live rocks. I was able to prop the […]

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19 Bristle Worms and Counting

I’ve been trapping Bristle Worms for 3 nights in a row now. Each night I put the trap into a different sector of the fish tank. Whenever I first drop the trap into the tank for the night the Nassarius Snails swarm the trap. But they can’t get in. After about an hour the Snails […]

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Battling Bristle Worms

I’ve recently found Bristle Worms in my 75 gallon aquarium. This is not good. I assume an aquarium is likely to have bristle worms at some point, but it’s also not something I want to see in mine. I have no need for them that I know of. They must be destroyed. Setting a Bristle […]

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The snails are swarming the Halloween Hermit Crab

I’ve just looked into my dark tank (the lights are off) and there are three snails swarming on the Halloween Hermit Crab’s shell. I just noticed that the Halloween Hermit Crab had gone into hiding earlier. I am under the impression that this hermit crab is molting at the moment. I figure if the hermit […]

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