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Bristle Worms, What Are They All About?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on with the bristle worms in your aquarium, you might want to check out a recent article we published at What To Do With Bristle Worms.

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Sick Fish? Be Patient

Most aquarists have to deal with sick fish at one point or another. There can be many reasons for one or more of your fish to be sick. Bad water quality, parasites and bad diet are some of the reasons. One of the main problems with having sick fish is that aquarium owners don’t have […]

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Yet Another New Cleaner Shrimp

Ok, so I’m hoping the third time is the charm. I’ve just added my third Cleaner Shrimp to 75 gallon aquarium. The first was brutally murdered by a renegade Clownfish. The second Cleaner Shrimp was abducted by aliens apparently.

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My New Cleaner Shrimp: Where’s He Hiding?

Actually, I’m hoping that he is hiding somewhere. I added a cleaner shrimp to my aquarium last week and I’m not seeing him anywhere at the moment. He might be hiding or maybe he’s gone?

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Blue Tang With Popeye: A Week Later, More Info

I recently wrote about a Blue Tang that I added to the aquarium that developed a case of popeye in the first few days I had him. He did come through, so that’s a good thing! But, I’ve been continuing my research into this particular illness and have found a few tidbits I’d like to […]

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Blue Tang With Popeye: How I Fixed It

It’s probably any aquarium owners nightmare. You have a healthy aquarium. It’s in good balance. Things are working well, you’re feeling good about your aquarium. Then, for some reason, you decide you need to add another fish to an already balanced equation. The new fish is added to the tank and it gets sick! What […]

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Mantis Shrimp Are Wicked Creatures

I’m not sure how I made it this long without knowing about Mantis Shrimp. Holy crap. These things are crazy. I’ve recently begun to browse a few videos on YouTube that showcase some Mantis Shrimp and I’m kinda creeped out.

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What is the one thing that makes my fish the most happy?

There are a lot of different things that I’ve done to my aquarium over the years to improve it. Some upgrades worked out better than others. All of the upgrades have gotten reactions from the fish and inhabitants. Which one made them the most happy?

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I Need to Flip Over My Crown Snails a Lot

The only bad thing that I can think about in regards to these snails is that I have to flip them over a lot. It’s similar to how a turtle can get flipped on it’s back, needing help to get flipped back over and be on it’s feet again. I frequently joke with my girlfriend […]

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Top Crown Snails: Awesome Algae Eaters

Top Crown Snails eat pretty much everything off of the glass of my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium. It’s actually almost unbelievable to me how much stuff these snails eat. I’ve never had any other type of snail, large or small, with such a voracious appetite.

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