Normal People Just Have Aquariums

Are you a geek? Chances are, if you are interested in fish tanks and/or use the internet. There are pretty good odds of one or both of those being the case if you are reading this web site, hehe.

I am a geek. Yep, no way around that. Not the stereotypical geek (pocket protector, etc.) by any means, just a heavy computer user and interested in technical things.

I also have an aquarium. It helps keep my mind fresh when working from the office (or studio, as I like to call it) from home. I find that being able to turn away from the computer monitors and watch my fish swim around in the 75 gallon aquarium near my desk is a great way to let my mind relax when needed. Aquarium maintenance can also be a good reason to take a quick break from the computers on occasion.

I ran across this appropriate web comic referencing aquariums. Funny stuff. That’s what got me started on this tangent.

Many times, I think it is great to have an aquarium to distract me from all the technical things I’m involved with daily. The aquarium is easy to maintain, fun to watch, and keeps me anchored to reality on many occasions.


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the owner and caretaker of a 75 gallon aquarium in his home studio. Good times.

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