Shark Jumps From Aquarium to Pool

I ran across an interesting story today about a shark jumping from an aquarium to a pool. Interesting.

Why would the pool be so close to an aquarium with a shark in it? That is interesting in its own right. Apparently the shark jumped out of the aquarium and went down a slide into the pool.

From shark managed to jump out of its aquarium and onto a water slide at a hotel swimming pool used by guests.

No one was in the pool at the time.

The female reef shark leapt over the one foot high barrier and slid down the slide known as the Leap of Faith at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

Members of the resort staff were able to get the shark back into the aquarium soon after she made her escape, but her body couldn’t cope with the chlorinated water of the pool and she died shortly thereafter.

Instantly when I was reading the story I asked myself “Wouldn’t the shark die from the chlorine?”.

Apparently that was the case, which is too bad. Oh well, I can barely survive a chlorinated pool myself. The shark took a leap of faith and lost.

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