PetSmart Fish Poisonings: Teens Arrested

A couple of employees dumped some bleach into the water system at a PetSmart in La Quinta. They were disgruntled. Thousands of dollars worth of damage.

From the Desert Sun:

According to police, someone poured bleach into a fish tank at the store at 79-375 Highway 111 on Oct. 12. Since the store’s 136 tanks are connected, the bleach circulated through all the tanks, killing an estimated 500 fish worth about $15,000.

The two employees were disgruntled because some co-workers were fired, and they wanted to “distress the management,” Gregory said. The two were released pending further investigation.

What a horrible way to express anger with management.

Maybe a situation like this makes a case for not connecting all the aquariums? I would think it would make more sense to even just sector them out more.

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