Moving Walkway Within an Aquarium

I was recently looking at a particular picture of the Shanghai Aquarium moving walkway. This basically looks like a big tunnel underwater at the Shanghai Aquarium. I’ve never been there, but it looks interesting.

Anyways, here’s what it got me to thinking about. I think that something like this could be implemented into a home aquarium.

My vision is basically a tunnel through the aquarium. The tunnel would obviously not be big enough for a human to walk through, but it should be a few inches in diameter.

The tunnel would allow you to send in a web cam that could be controlled somehow and broadcast onto the web.

In this way, you’d have a walkthrough tunnel inside of a home-sized aquarium that can be traversed by people on a web site. This could be neat.

It might also be more trouble than it would be “cool”.

I don’t know. Just rambling I guess.

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