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Video: The snails come out of hiding after feeding

These guys like to hide until I feed the fish. Then they come out and roam all over the place in the aquarium.

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How to Hand Off Your Aquarium to a Babysitter

It happens to every aquarium owner eventually. You decide you are going to go on a vacation or leave home for a while. What are you going to do with your aquarium?

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Incredible Aquarium Stability

I’ve recently hit a stretch where the stability in my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium has been outstanding, and the maintenance routines have become easy and nothing bad really has happened for quite some time.

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Video: Cleaner Shrimp At Work

Fish are usually jumpy critters, but when they want to be cleaned up by a cleaner shrimp, they will sit tight and let the shrimp do it’s work.

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I’m Always Tempted to Buy New Fish for My Saltwater Aquarium

I like to go down to the local fish store quite often just to check out what they have in stock. They move a lot of fish and invertebrates, and because of that they always have something new in stock. In addition to constantly rotating their stock of fish, they like to mix in new […]

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Video: Emerald Crab Eating Damsel Fish

Watch a Emerald Crab eat a damsel fish. This is quality YouTube material if I’ve ever seen it.

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What is the one thing that makes my fish the most happy?

There are a lot of different things that I’ve done to my aquarium over the years to improve it. Some upgrades worked out better than others. All of the upgrades have gotten reactions from the fish and inhabitants. Which one made them the most happy?

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Treat your aquarium fish as you would like to be treated

There is a common saying that goes something like this: “Treat others as you would like others to treat you”. Let’s apply that to your aquarium fish. If you were an aquarium fish, how would you want your owner to treat you? I can think of all kinds of ways that I would like to […]

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