Ah, it’s nice to come home to a sweet lookin aquarium

As I had mentioned yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day maintaining multiple aspects of my aquarium. Good times. Now, I come home tonight all stressed out from work and I can sit and enjoy a nice looking aquarium. What a stress reliever!

Well, that in combination with a beer or three.

There’s just something nice about coming home to a really nice looking aquarium, it just makes all the time spent keeping it that way that much more worth it.

The new Blue Tang is fitting in nicely (I added him over the weekend) and also the nuisance algae seems to be gone for the most part. Oh the days of battling that crap! I’m glad they are behind me for the time being.

So, basically I’m now sitting with an aquarium that I’ve struggled with mightily over the years, but now I’m finally putting it all together and enjoying a stable, beautiful aquarium. The battle has been worth it.

I think now that I’ve reached this point, I will try to not do anything to upset the balance. It’s taken a while to get to this point and I need to make it easy to maintain. I gotta refrain from adding tons of new fish and doing other things that could throw off the balance.

Balance – that makes me think of a good story about changing the lights on my aquarium, but I’ll save that for another time.

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