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David’s Reef Aquarium (extended version)

Haha, this is an extended version. Dramatic. Either way, this is a really sweet reef aquarium. This is a must see video in my opinion.

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An Open Bottom Marine Fish Tank

This could be somewhat of a followup to another post about about an open bottom fish tank. This one is a marine tank of the open bottom variety. The center column is quite tall and there are waterfalls at the top. Pretty neat. I still don’t think I’d have the guts to try to operate […]

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The Aquarium Computer Video

I guess this video got 1 million views on YouTube, just goes to show how popular a little bit of creativity can be.

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The New England Aquarium – Vintage Commercial

Wow. I wish that visitors to the small 2 bedroom apartment where I house my 75 gallon aquarium were this cheesy and from the ’70s. It’s hard not to appreciate the funny music and the rampant bowl-cut hair cuts. Good times. The New England Aquarium looks fun 30 years ago.

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Whale Sharks at the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is a very impressive public aquarium located in Atlanta. The aquarium contains more than 100,000 fish and sea creatures. The Georgia Aquarium is also the only aquarium outside of Asia that contains whale sharks. Simply put, they are amazing. There were originally 4 whale sharks when the aquarium opened in 2005. Since […]

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A Car Converted Into an Aquarium

Not much more to say about this one. It’s a car with fish and water inside of it. The dark effect is pretty creepy, it almost looks like the car is at the bottom of a lake or something, but it’s not.

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Monty Python’s Fish Tank

Haha. Good one. Gotta love Monty Python.

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The Aquarium Bathroom – From Japan

How about this aquarium for bathroom ambience? It’s an underwater bathroom! Well… kinda. This particular aquarium bathroom bathroom that is located in a cafe in Japan.

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Biodome de Montreal

The Biodome de Montreal is an interesting place. The facility was originally built in 1976 for the Olympic Games. It held judo and cycling events, and now is a biodome of sorts that acts as a walk-through for four ecosystems found in the Americas. The Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system portion of the biodome is of […]

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Wall Hanging Fish Tank

What if you could hang your aquarium on a wall? With a frame around it? You may find this either cheesy, or kind of neat. You decide.

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