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Cleaning Detritus In Saltwater Aquariums

This is probably the least glamorous aspect of owning an aquarium. Cleaning it, you know. Yeah, we all hate aquarium maintenance but we gotta do it. Today I got around to putting some deep thought into my detritus cleaning techniques. I’d like to share them with you.

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Does Your Aquarium Have Enough Surface Agitation?

You may notice from time to time that the surface of your aquarium water builds up an oily-looking film. This is common. This is especially common in aquariums with minimal surface agitation. Read on to learn what you need to do to create better surface agitation.

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Aquarium Safety Tips

When most people think of aquariums, the word “safety” doesn’t usually come to mind. But, it should. Why?

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Aquarium Water Quality – How Good Is Your Aquarium Water?

Have you thought about the quality of the water you put in your aquarium? If you just dump water in, without taking the time to properly condition the water, you could be doing a disservice to your aquatic life.

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Aquarium Algae Control – How to Prevent Algae Growth

Aquarium algae control is an important task in the maintenance of any aquarium, freshwater or saltwater.

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Don’t Feed Hot Dogs to Your Piranhas

A lessen to be learned by all: No matter the species, all animals can be picky when it comes to feeding time. If you’re not familiar with your pet’s palate, educate yourself. Seriously. For example … most folks assume piranhas eat anything. They don’t. My older brother went through a weird phase where he thought […]

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Phosphate Control in Saltwater Aquariums

Phosphate control in saltwater aquariums is an important issue that can often be overlooked by saltwater aquarium owners.

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Acrylic Aquarium Scratches – Fix and Prevent Them

Many aquarium owners have acrylic aquariums as opposed to glass. The acrylic is more shatter-proof than glass and won’t distort light as much, but it does scratch much more easily. Acrylic aquarium owners must be wary of scratching the glass on their aquariums. If you aren’t careful when installing the rocks and decorations or if […]

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Aquarium Water Circulation is Important

The first time I hooked up some additional powerheads to my 75 gallon aquarium I was surprised at the immediate effects. The water return is right in the middle of the tank, so I put a powerhead on each end of the tank in the upper-right corners. These powerheads allowed me to create current in […]

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Timers for Aquarium Lights

Tips to Reduce Aquarium Energy Consumption

An aquarium runs continuously and requires a constant energy source. Over time the energy that your aquarium might be consuming can have a pretty decent impact on your electric energy bill.

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