Aquarium Water Circulation is Important

The first time I hooked up some additional powerheads to my 75 gallon aquarium I was surprised at the immediate effects.

The water return is right in the middle of the tank, so I put a powerhead on each end of the tank in the upper-right corners. These powerheads allowed me to create current in the dead spots on each end of the aquarium.

Debris Lifting

When I first turned the powerheads on after installing them, I was surprised at the debris that was lifted off the rocks and began circulating within the water in the aquarium. This was a good thing though! All of the that debris that had been sitting stagnant in the water was now being kicked around and sucked into the filtration systems in my aquarium.

After time, nuisance algae became less of a nuisance and overall the quality of life in the aquarium seems to have improved. I wish that I had added some powerheads to the aquarium earlier!

More Water Circulation Info

I have recently added a new page to the resources of this web site about aquarium water circulation. Check it out to learn more about the benefits of better water flow.

Tools & Products to Help Improve Aquarium Water Circulation

AquaClear Powerhead Model 30 – These particular powerheads are nice because they have an air intake to help oxygenate the aquarium and also contain a deflection shield to control where the water flow will go, making it easy to focus water flow in your aquarium.

Koralia Water Circulation Pumps – The Koralia pumps are a little different style than the before mentioned powerhead. They are designed to provide broad, powerful and gentle currents in an aquarium. These powerheads are my personal choice. They work well for any application but are especially nice for corals since the flow is powerful and gentle at the same time. My fish love the current provided by these water circulation pumps!

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