Aquarium Red Algae Attack

Recently I have been battling a bout of red algae in my tank. I’m pretty sure that it is just due to a combination of many things. I have ramped up the following maintenance tasks to try to alleviate this red algae attack: Water changes with gravel vacuuming once a night. 5 gallons of water […]

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Upside down fish tank, nice aquarium

Check this video out. Nice concept for an upside down fish tank. The music is pretty funny for a video such as this. Why not something more relaxing?

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The Saltwater Aquarium Acquisition Story

Not too long of a story. The 75 gallon saltwater aquarium that I have right now was originally owned by a business. I was a part owner of the business. When I left the business part of the buyout agreement was that I got to keep the aquarium. Sweet deal. I continued to operate out […]

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The Fish Highway

There are a few photos floating around the net right now regarding a pipeline fish tank, or a fish highway. The fish highway is a concept that uses suction to elevate water out of a fish tank into an upper container. I also recently posted a video of an open bottom aquarium that uses pretty […]

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Wall Hanging Fish Tank

What if you could hang your aquarium on a wall? With a frame around it? You may find this either cheesy, or kind of neat. You decide.

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Open Bottom Fish Tank. Wow.

The logistics of an open bottom fish tank are interesting. Check this out.

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125 Gallon Saltwater Tank Video. With an overly dramatic music score.

This is a pretty nice looking tank.

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World’s Most Impressive Fake Aquarium?

[youtube][/youtube] I can dig it. A 250m by 30m LED screen has been installed in the ceiling of a new mall in Beijing. That’s an impressive 7,500 square meters of viewable area, and comes with an impressive $32 million price tag to match. It hangs 80 feet in the air, and is actually five screens […]

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