Aquarium Red Algae Attack

Recently I have been battling a bout of red algae in my tank. I’m pretty sure that it is just due to a combination of many things. I have ramped up the following maintenance tasks to try to alleviate this red algae attack:

  • Water changes with gravel vacuuming once a night. 5 gallons of water swapped out of 75 gallons total. I hit a small portion of the gravel each night and vacuum thoroughly.
  • Frequent filter changes and cleaning. I am thinking I need to replace my cannister filtration, or at least upgrade it. More on that later.
  • Frequent glass cleaning. I’m thinking if I keep algae from growing on the aquarium glass, that’s one less issue that contributes.

I’m going to put on the full attack to rid my tank of this annoying red slime algae.

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the owner and caretaker of a 75 gallon aquarium in his home studio. Good times.

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