Heading out to the local fish store…

I like to stop by there every once in a while. They get new stuff all the time. It’s a good chance for me to get out today too, I’ve been sitting in front of the computer too much today, it’s time to go out and watch some fish swim around in display tanks.

I just got an email from them this week. “Them” being the local fish store.

They are selling a 125 gallon aquarium setup for $899, to get rid of it. It looks like an exceptional deal! It’s just too bad for me though, because if I were to set that up in my second floor apartment, it’d probably end up in the apartment below me after crashing through the floor. A 125 gallon tank has got to weigh a lot.

It sounded like the local store was getting rid of some display items to clear more room to bring in expanded saltwater fish and coral displays. It’s hard to complain about that! They must be doing pretty well for themselves because every time I go down there they seem to have more stuff.

Ah well. Off I go.

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