Daily Aquarium Care Tips

Your aquarium, from day-to-day, really shouldn’t require a huge amount of maintenance. On a weekly basis you’ll need to test water, maybe do water changes and change filtration media. But, the daily care of your aquarium should be quick and easy.

When you think about it, fish are probably the easiest types of pets to care for. At least this is true if you stay on top of your aquarium maintenance and don’t let aquarium quality and water conditions deteriorate and get out of control.

Here’s a few tips to keep your aquarium going strong on a day-to-day basis.

Observe You Aquarium Inhabitants

You can learn a lot about your fish and other aquarium inhabitants by just watching them for at least a few minutes on a daily basis. Ideally, your aquarium should be somewhere where you can enjoy it easily, so observing your fish shouldn’t be much of a chore.

Observe your fish and watch what they are doing. Keep an eye out for anything that looks different or unhealthy about your fish. Make sure that they don’t look or act stressed. If you observe your aquarium fish daily you will be able to catch bad situations before they get out of control.

Feed Your Fish

Don’t forget to feed your fish daily! Don’t overfeed your aquarium, but make sure to keep it consistent. It’s best to feed small amounts a couple times a day.

Don’t put so much food in the tank that it sinks to the bottom, unless you are trying to provide food for bottom feeders as well.

Observe Algae Growth and Adjust Lighting

You will want to check to see if you have excessive algae growth problems and adjust your lighting timer schedule accordingly.

If you notice day-to-day that algae is becoming hard to battle, turn back the length of time that your lights are on each day.

If you see even a small amount of algae growing on the glass, scrub it off quickly. It’s best to tackle algae before it is able to take off and spread throughout your aquarium.

Do A Quick Hardware Check

Make sure to take a quick glance at all your aquarium hardware and make sure that it is all running properly. Make sure to look at your heater, filters, skimmers, lighting and other hardware you are employing on your tank.

Having a filter or heater go out for even a day can have great negative effects on the quality of conditions in the aquarium for your fish.

Just Don’t Let Your Aquarium Go

Overall, just make sure to not let your aquarium go. Don’t forget about your aquarium. Pay attention to it every day and your fish will thank you.

If you let your aquarium go and don’t pay even just a short amount of attention to it on a daily basis you’ll find that problems can quickly spiral out of control. It doesn’t take much time to keep on top of aquarium maintenance daily, so just do it.

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