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Video: The snails come out of hiding after feeding

These guys like to hide until I feed the fish. Then they come out and roam all over the place in the aquarium.

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Lots of Nuisance Algae

Aquarium Algae Control: How I Got Rid Of Nuisance Algae In My Aquarium

Over the last couple years, I’ve been on a continual algae battle with my 75 gallon aquarium. At times I had become discouraged, but I did not give up the battle. I continued to patiently try different techniques and methods that I thought might help curb the algae problem in my aquarium. My algae problem […]

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I Need to Flip Over My Crown Snails a Lot

The only bad thing that I can think about in regards to these snails is that I have to flip them over a lot. It’s similar to how a turtle can get flipped on it’s back, needing help to get flipped back over and be on it’s feet again. I frequently joke with my girlfriend […]

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Top Crown Snails: Awesome Algae Eaters

Top Crown Snails eat pretty much everything off of the glass of my 75 gallon saltwater aquarium. It’s actually almost unbelievable to me how much stuff these snails eat. I’ve never had any other type of snail, large or small, with such a voracious appetite.

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The snails are swarming the Halloween Hermit Crab

I’ve just looked into my dark tank (the lights are off) and there are three snails swarming on the Halloween Hermit Crab’s shell. I just noticed that the Halloween Hermit Crab had gone into hiding earlier. I am under the impression that this hermit crab is molting at the moment. I figure if the hermit […]

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